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Finding stuff - Made easy

Our mission is simple. We want to help you find what you're looking for in a quick and simple way.

This website acts as a directory of amazing websites and as a quick launchpad to get you to the most relevant search results for your query, directly on your chosen website. This is not a search engine, but a simple search helper.

But I can just use a search engine!

Yes you can. Search engines are wonderful things, but they can also bury great content and that's not a good thing. All too often, we look for news, images, videos or things to buy and all we see is what we're shown on page one or two. That's the problem we're trying to solve. The 'oh, I wish I'd looked there!' problem.

So we're doing a couple of things. Firstly, we're listing the best sites we can find for a specific area of interest so that you know about them. Secondly, we're making it super easy to browse around because you'll only need to type your query once and then you can click to as many relevant sites as you'd like.

We hope you love it!